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Thomas J. Stewart is a graduate of Cleveland State University and Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, majoring in Marketing with minors in Economics, Mathematics and Finance. Mr. Stewart graduated in the upper 10% of his class.

From August 1969 to October 1977 Mr. Stewart was employed at a subsidiary of A T & T in Cleveland Ohio. He started in a middle management marketing position consulting with large corporate telecommunications customers. He rose to Developer of Competitive Marketing where he developed and conducted seminars demonstrating the cost effectiveness of maintaining A T & T services. In 1978 he moved his family to Oxnard, CA where he started several profitable business.

In December of 1979, Mr. Stewart decided to use his expertise in marketing, finance, creative financing and investments to form T. J. Stewart Investments, Inc. where he held the positions Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Financial Officer.

The firm’s specialty was in the area of large investment property sales and exchanges, as well as the discounting and sale of Trust Deed Investments. He also worked on arranging real estate financing for large investment properties. Mr. Stewart also has assisted businesses arrange suitable, and often difficult to arrange, financing. This endeavor lead to business consulting and appraising where he wrote his own software to employ many of the sophisticated methods of analysis and valuation. The business consulting led to Mr. Stewart serving on several corporate client’s Board of Directors and holding executive office positions.

In 1983, Mr. Stewart also commenced appraising real estate, from houses to large commercial projects. He also maintained his Investment firm and his Mortgage Brokerage firm.


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With the tax law changes of 1986, Mr. Stewart concentrated more of his efforts in the appraisal & consulting area. His appraisal firm employed eight people at the peak of the re-finance activity. The firms business appraisals have been used by the SBA in various parts of the country.

In 1993, Mr. Stewart began teaching classes for the Indiana Appraisal School. His accreditation allow him to teach both real estate and appraisal courses. He also authored a text on Advanced Capitalization Methods. This is a 100+ page text exploring the sophisticated methods employed in appraising commercial properties. This course is required to become a Certified General Appraiser.

He is a Certified General Appraiser, the highest appraisal license possible, in Indiana and an independent real estate Broker. He trained, supervised and reviewed the work of 8 appraisers working under him, on various projects.

At present, Mr. Stewart runs a financial consulting practice predominately working with:
* Small Business: Consulting, Appraising, and Funding
* Real Estate Projects; Buy, Sell, Flip & Develop
* Private Secondary Financing or Notes Buying and Selling

He is a private pilot and enjoys scuba, sailing, golf, bridge and poker.

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