How To Buy A Business

With or Without A Broker

Where to Find Them, How to Price Them and Quick, Safe Ways To Make Your Offers

Business Broker shows you how to buy a business even with poor credit and little or no money. Clients across the country.

We are Business Brokers with an amazing offer for you. Now you can use our expertise and our brokerage tools to Buy Your Business Quickly, Safely and at the Right Price.

Buying a business is always an exciting time with all the anticipation of owning your own business but tempered with the fear of being taken by some unscrupulous seller.

Many questions flood the buyers head... What is the real value of this business? Is the business really doing well or is it being sold because it is a dog? How do I structure the deal? How do I get the best possible deal on the purchase? Most business buyers do this so infrequently that they have little time to develop the expertise needed to cut the best deal when buying a business.

The goal is to buy the right business, that is truly making money and buy it safely and at a good price. Our package will help you do just that.

We offer a package that contains all the forms and analytical spreadsheets and know-how used by professional Business Brokers that will help you safely through this process with or without a business broker.

Typically a business buyer has two main questions about any business they are possibly going to purchase. 1) What is the business really worth? and 2) What is the financial health of this business? A disinterested third parties answers to these two questions can go a long way to convincing a buyer that a business is for him.

In addition, we will provide you with the necessary business sales contracts, templates for business selling brochures, where to view advertisements showing businesses you may be interested in purchasing, how to safeguard yourself in the transaction and who to have close your transaction etc. Our "BizBuy Package" is in high demand with business buyers whether they are using a broker or dealing directly with the seller themselves.

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Cash In With Your Own Small Business


Buying and owning a small business can make you a lot of money

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What Our "Biz-Buy Package" Includes:

Step By Step Instructions & Tools

* Where to view advertisements of businesses for sale
* What should your new business do for you financially
* Quick Business Valuation Program in Excel
* Financial Analysis program with 10 page Interpretation Guide
* How To Make Your First Move on Businesses That Interest You
* How to Quickly & Safely structure your initial offer
* What items should you want to verify and investigate about this business
* Steps to the Sale
* What information you should provide the seller
* Financial Calculator program - figure loan payments, loan balances, investment balances based on variables you input
* Buyer Personal Financial Statement in Excel Spreadsheet
* Tips on reading your buyers credit report & what the scores mean
* How to safeguard yourself through the transaction
* Sample UCC-1 forms
* 3-Reusable Blank Sales Contracts styles to choose from (You can reuse each over and over again)
* Blank sales Counter-Offer Contracts
* Amortization Schedules ready for your data
* Business Land Contract Form ready for your data - if the seller carries your purchase loan
* Excel spreadsheet to easily structure your sale; cash down, loans, cash flow etc.
* Tips on who should act as your sales closing agent
* SBA loan applications
* Know what buyers want... not as obvious as it sounds
* Who buys businesses and why
* What Buyers & Sellers should know
* Answers to many buyer questions

* And Much, Much More

You get all the know-how and tools we use as professional Business Brokers and this makes it easy for you to work directly with the business owner to cut your best deal quickly and safely.

Your cost is a fraction of the cost to duplicate these forms from an attorney or to get all these useful proprietary spreadsheets and other tools used in this business. With the recession, we have cut the price to make it easier for more people to get into their own business.

All this great information is available by download to get you started TODAY.

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