Professional Help To Sell Your Business Yourself - By Owner & Save

You Get Professional Advice & Custom Tools and You Save The Brokerage Fee

Retired business broker will package your business for sale and be there to walk you through the process & be there through the process to answer questions etc. You get the knowledge and tools of a broker without paying a brokerage fee.

Broker Secrets to Sell Your Business By-Owner & Save - Business Broker will package your business for sale without a commission.

Often business owners want to sell their businesses but don't want to pay 10% to 15% of the selling price as a business brokerage fee. If a small business sells for $100,000 this fee can be $10,000 to $15,000 and can represent a large portion of the seller's equity in this business.

We have a highly sought after package to assist business owners sell their businesses "By-Owner" and save this fee. Our Business Appraisal & Financial Analysis has also been used by other business brokers, sellers, buyers and lenders, including the SBA to validate the sales value etc. on a national basis. No business is too small or too large for this service.

Typically a business buyer has two main questions about any business they are possibly going to purchase. 1) What is the business really worth? and 2) What is the financial health of this business? A disinterested third parties answers to these two questions can go a long way to convincing your buyer that your business is for him. This report is our Business Appraisal and Comprehensive Financial Analysis. This is a bound report of about 27+/- pages and can be back in your hands in about a week. This is the backbone of the sales process and it will practically sell the business for you. See our section on Business Appraisal & Financial Analysis for more details on this offering and to download a sample of this report for your review.

In addition, we will provide you with the necessary business sales contracts, templates for business selling brochures, how and where to advertise your business, steps to the sale, how to qualify your buyer and what info to get from the buyer, how to safeguard yourself in the transaction and who to have close your transaction etc. Our "Business FSBO Package" is in high demand with both business buyers and sellers. FSBO is industry terminology and means, "For Sale By Owner".

Our business brokerage is limited to central Indiana while the "Business FSBO Package" service is offered nationwide. As a business broker myself, I have seen many businesses offered by-owner. Many of these businesses are way over priced and have virtually no chance of selling and others are practically giving their businesses away.


let us help you sell your business without a broker by owner


IN SHORT: Contact us to receive a non-obligational proposal to assemble your unique Business Selling Package to Save you many thousands of dollars in brokerage fees.

sell your business yourself by owner and save a lot of money

What This Offering Includes:

Everything Custom to YOUR Business

* Business Appraisal & Comprehensive Financial Analysis (27+/- page bound report, The backbone of your sales effort and will make your sales effort easier and close the sale faster)
* Productivity Study to show your buyers how efficient the business is operating & efficiency is money
* How & where to advertise your business for sale
* Sample sales brochure featuring your business for Buyers
* Steps to the Sale
* Qualifying your buyer - Forms & Know How
* Financial Calculator program - figure loan payments, loan balances, investment balances based on variables you input
* Buyer Personal Financial Statement in Excel Spreadsheet
* Authorization to run Buyers Credit
* Tips on reading your buyers credit report & what the scores mean
* How to safeguard yourself through the transaction
* Sample UCC-1 forms
* 3-Reusable Blank Sales Contract styles to choose from
* Blank sales Counter-Offer Contracts
* Amortization Schedules ready for your data
* Business Land Contract Form ready for your data
* Excel spreadsheet to easily structure your sale; cash down, loans, cash flow etc.
* Tips on who should act as your sales closing agent
* SBA loan applications
* Know what buyers want... not as obvious as it sounds
* Who buys businesses and why
* What Sellers should know
* Answers to many seller questions

Sell it Fast, Sell it Safely & Get Top Dollar

If you think the above would help your sales efforts and make the sales process easier, contact our office toll free on (866) 935-3100 to discuss this further. The savings this program offers are real and being enjoyed by many business sellers across the country.

This service is priced very competitively and well within the reach of all business owners and can save you a bundle at the closing table and make your sales process easier and faster.

I personally guarantee to save you many, many thousands of dollars with the use of this program in the sale of your business!

selling your business by owner



You Get Professional Advice & Tools Without Paying the Brokerage fee.

Get the consultant you need, at prices you can afford, contact us to learn more.


It is Like Getting a Broker Without Paying a Broker

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