Small Business Appraisals & Financial Analysis

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Business Appraisals & Valuations: Fast, Accurate at low prices. Past clients (coast to coast): buyers, sellers, attorneys, lenders, SBA & more. Free Productivity Study included.

business appraisals are needed to sell or finance your business

BUSINESS APPRAISAL - This comprehensive appraisal uses several sophisticated approaches to value including: Discounted Cash Flow with Investment Analysis, Excess Earnings and Tangible Net Worth plus Good Will. The results of this report are valid nationwide. This report has been very popular with business buyers and sellers as well as lenders. Attorneys have also found this very useful when handling a divorce involving a small business.

Business Brokers have also found these reports invaluable. When selling a business, nothing speaks louder than a disinterested third party attesting to value.

Most Business Buyers have two questions; 1) What is the business really worth? and 2) What is the financial health of the business? These two reports answer these important questions. These bound reports can be back in your hands in about a week. All terms and calculations are defined for easy reading and comprehension.

We offer the traditional Long Form Business Appraisal & Comprehensive Financial Analysis in Narrative form consisting of about 75-90+/- pages and our very popular Short Form Business Appraisal or Mini-Appraisal consisting of about 27+/- pages, which is every bit as accurate as the long form but has less documentation than the long form and is quite a bit cheaper which is what most people like.

Whether you are buying a business, selling a business, getting a loan on a business, taking on a partner or buying key man life insurance, a business appraisal and financial analysis are essential.

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Comprehensive Business Financial Analysis

.Buying a business? or Investing in a business? This is ideal for you to know the financial health of the business before you buy or invest. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis - This report gained us our name of "Business Doctor" and "Business Detective".

small business comprehensive financial analysis improves profits

This report juxtaposes your business financial statements along side industry norms as published by Dun & Bradstreet. This report pinpoints areas of weakness and provides corrective strategies where needed. It has been used to validate the good health of a business offered for sale, correct problem areas and improve profits and uncover possible "business shenanigans" by a business associate. All terms and all calculations are defined.

If problem areas are found, corrective strategies will be included. If problems are corrected, the net income will go up and, since good will is a function of net income, the value of the business will increase also.

Our Comprehensive Financial Analysis will virtually improve the profits of any business. This is a bold statement, but it is true.

All Business Appraisal Values & Financial Analysis findings Are Valid Nationwide

We have been serving Business Clients coast to coast since 1980

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