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Indiana Small Business Brokerage: We assist Buyers and Sellers throughout Indiana buy and sell small businesses. Care is given to effect these transactions with the utmost care given to privacy of both parties. Often, while sellers want to sell their business, they don't want the whole world knowing that their business is up for sale. We appreciate that and conduct our business marketing with every attempt taken in insure the sellers privacy through the transaction.

Our first step in marketing your business will be to conduct a thorough comprehensive financial analysis of the business to pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses and offer corrective strategies for any weak areas found. Next, we will appraise your business using several approaches to value which are valid nationwide. These combined reports will be presented to the seller and used with buyer negotiations for your business. These reports normally are about 27+/- pages and are provided to you in a bound book format.

Next, we will enter your business in a discrete national database of businesses for sale. We will also commence a local advertising campaign to attract buyers for your business. For purposes of these ads the business name and address etc. are kept secrete for the privacy of the seller.

Once a buyer has expressed interest either from our marketing efforts directly or through another broker, we will qualify this buyer to be sure that they have the where-with-all to make the purchase and have the experience and business acumen to run the business. We will analyze their personal financial statement and their life history experiences to see if we have a fit.

Next, we will enter negotiations to structure a "Deal" to present to you, the seller. Often these offers are amended several times until a deal is struck that is agreeable to both buyer and seller. You will be an integral part of this negotiation as both buyer and seller need to be fully onboard through this process.

Once a suitable deal structure has been agreed upon we will start to remove any contingencies to the sale. Often these would involve buyer approval of the business books, various operational contracts for the business, inventory, fixtures and equipment, encumbrances that would be transferred to the new buyer etc.

Once the contingencies have been removed the sale would move to an attorney for the final closing. During this process the entire transaction would be reviewed for the protection of all parties concerned. Once this process is complete, the seller would get their cash and the buyer would get the keys to a new business.

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We will help you price your business, package it for sale and bring buyers in to sell it.

Contact us to confidentially inquire into our Business Selling or Business Buying programs. There is never any fee to provide you with the information you need.

Buyers are treated to the same expertise and discrete dealings. We will find the type and size of business that meets your needs and analyze it to pinpoint any problem areas and offer constructive advice to help cure and bolster weak areas found. We will also appraise the business to provide you with the true market value of the business prior to making an offer. Once the business is found and the offer is presented, we will stay with you through the removal of all contract contingencies right through closing the sale.Small Business Brokerage in Indiana: Professional help to buy or sell an Indiana small business

Be sure to visit our other pages for information on our other offerings such as: Guaranteed Profit Development where your profit increases are guaranteed or our efforts are totally free. Many businesses across the country are profiting from leasing their workers instead of having them as employees and you may be able to benefit from this also.

We have assisted many business lenders across the country appraise the businesses they are lending on and also conduct a comprehensive financial analysis on these businesses so the lenders know the business values and the financial health of the businesses they lend on.

Going hand in hand with the profit development and business analysis, we offer a productivity study to allow the business owner to get a handle on the productivity level of their business and what any lack of productivity is costing their business in dollars and cents.

We can help local Indiana business buy and sell their business with our business brokerage services.

We also offer a By-Owner business sales package that is a tailored to each specific business and helps them sell their business without a broker or paying the brokerage fee. We also offer a similar service for business buyers allowing them to use our expertise and our tools and buy a business without a business broker. If you sell your business and carry some or all of the buyers loan, we can sell this loan for you too. We will provide you cash for any seller carry-back financing you with to sell.

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Another popular offering for small business owners is our business loans and business plans section. Here we package the owners business to present to business lenders and help them get the funding they need.

We have also found that many business owners, especially small business owners, need help with bookkeeping or accounting services so they can spend their time making money in their business and not on wrestling with the principles of accounting.

Going hand in hand with this service is our income tax tiling service which we provide to our clients, both individual and business, both federal and state, at a discount.

If your looking for business brokerage, business broker, buy a business, sell a business, Indiana business brokerage firm, you've come to the right place.

Get the consultant you need, at prices you can afford, contact us to learn more.

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We have been serving Small Business Clients coast to coast since 1980


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