Leased Labor Program

Attention Employers: Lease your workers & save, on either a temporary or permanent basis, labor for all levels in your business. No: strikes, benefits, vacations, workmen’s comp, & more.

We are helping local industries save upwards of 20% of their labor expenses not to mention the hassle of employee benefits (Health Insurance, Vacations, Sick Days, Workman’s Comp Insurance, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Retirement Plans etc.). These firms are joining a national trend to lease their employees. Many firms forego the financial savings just to be rid of the hassle and responsibility of employees. No Unions, no strikes, no loss of production due to work stoppages or work slow downs and no excessive labor demands.

Many firms start with some of their existing employees. They still do work for you and at your direction but they technically work for us. You treat our firm as an independent contractor thus minimizing your participation in employee benefits and liability. Again, you still have total control over the quality of their work and what they do and how they do it, they just get their pay checks from us instead of you. This is perfectly legal and is a trend that has been sweeping the country since the early 1990’s.

Leased Employee Programs are available for virtually all current employees from clerical through general labor to sales through executive positions.

Typically, companies start with about ten (10) entry level employees or less skilled employees to see how the system works and how they benefit from this.

You may be familiar with the terms: peo, temporary workers, temporary staffing, peo organization, temporary workers agency, peo organizations, temporary workers program, peo company etc.

Be sure to visit our other pages for information on our other offerings such as: Guaranteed Profit Development where your profit increases are guaranteed or our efforts are totally free. Many businesses across the country are profiting from leasing their workers instead of having them as employees and you may be able to benefit from this also. We have assisted many business lenders across the country appraise the businesses they are lending on and also conduct a comprehensive financial analysis on these businesses so the lenders know the business values and the financial health of the businesses they lend on. Going hand in hand with the profit development and business analysis, we offer a productivity study to allow the business owner to get a handle on the productivity level of their business and what any lack of productivity is costing their business in dollars and cents

leased labor services will save you money

Enjoy These Benefits:

.* No Unions, No Strikes, No Work Stoppages, No Work Slow Downs, No Excessive Labor Benefits
* No Health Care, No Benefits to worry about
* No Workmen’s Comp Insurance
* No Social Security or Unemployment Insurance
* No Paid Vacations or Leave, you Pay for Work Done Only
* Substantial Savings in Total Labor Costs

Think Outside The Box

leased labor saves you money and avoids problems

Contact us for an assessment of your labor needs. Our programs can be implemented in a matter of days and they can be gradually implemented to minimize any potential employee disruption.

Contact Us at your convenience and get the specifics on our Leased Worker Program
866.935.3100 or by email.

Serving ALL Worker Levels

leased labor solutions for all worker categories



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leased labor services save you money and reduces worker problems



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