Guaranteed Small Business Profit Development

We have helped small business owners across the country increase profits since 1980. We guarantee to increase your business profits or you owe us nothing.

You complete a questionnaire telling us about your business and send us your current Income Statement & Balance Sheet. We will analyze this Free and get back to you with a proposal of what percent profit we will guarantee.

If this is satisfactory with you, we will go under contract for the ensuing year and guarantee that this happen for you. If after following our advice for a year you fail to achieve the profit level guaranteed, we will refund all fees paid to us. We will never accept an assignment where your additional profits will not be in excess to our fees.

My firm has been consulting with small businesses since the early 1980’s. I have helped many businesses improve profits, package the business for sale, help them get financing and even help them sell the business; either through a broker or “by owner”. Be sure to check out our FREE SERVICE below.

Our firm will thoroughly analyze your company’s operation and provide you with a multitude of ways to increase your profits. Clients are amazed when I show them how they can often double their profits by implementing only half of my recommendations. This includes productivity analysis and real dollar savings & generation taken right out of your financial statements.

We will pinpoint the problems and provide you with corrective strategies to make your business the best it can be. A realistic profit magnifying budget will be presented to drastically cut costs and allow profits to soar. This is quite important when selling a business as a business sells for a function of its net income.

Our typical client has either started a business or bought a business and while sales continue to go up, profits are going down and their once 40 hour work week has expanded into 80 hours a week. They hardly ever see their family anymore because they work so many hours. This builds family stress. The stress further builds when after spending all this time in the business their income is shrinking!

They often try to sell the business at a price they “think” it should command if it were the dream they thought it was when they started in the business. Frankly, most owners don’t know what their business is worth or what is wrong with it if they are in the shrinking profits scenario. When they put it up for sale, they either price it so high that it doesn’t sell or end up giving it away; they don’t have a handle on the marketable value of their business.

If they are fortunate enough to get a buyer, the buyer often fails and runs the business down further forcing the seller to re-take the business in even worse shape than he sold it.

Every successful business needs a delicate balance of three key ingredients. First, they need the technical expertise to carry on the business that they are in. If a man has a roofing company, he had better know how to put roofs on and do so where he can make a profit. Second, the business must have sufficient working capital, cash or credit, to carry the business over the inevitable ups and downs of every business cycle. Third, they must be able to manage the business side of the business. This is business management.

Typically, I good electrician will form his own electrical contracting business. While he knows all about the electrical repairs & installation etc., he knows very little about running the business from the business side.

we guarantee to increase your profits

He’s good and sales increase and he expands and grows but somehow he is spending twice the time in the business as he used to and his income in going down fast and he doesn’t know why. He tries to sell his way out of his cash crunch only to find that the more the sales go up the more money he is losing! These owners are often surprised when they are forced to borrow money to pay income taxes on a profit that they never saw.

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, we need to talk.

Using your financial statements and your input, I will show you how to turn you business around and make it more profitable to you with less of your time on the job!
This is a bold statement, but true! Our profit development starts with the Comprehensive Financial Analysis but goes into much more detail.

Put the Fun and Profit back into your business. With our services your business can be back on the road to a profitable recovery in about a week!

What We Do:

We start by putting your Income Statement & Balance Sheet next to that of a successful firm in your industry and compare both dollar amounts and percentages. We also compare the key business ratios of your firm to the low, median and high figures as published by Dun & Bradstreet.

we guarantee to increase your business profits

We compare your financial data to that published for your industry by Dun & Bradstreet and Robert Morris Associates which make it easy to spot areas of concern and develop strategies to improve these weak areas.

For example; if your inventory turn is 2.5 and the industry is 4.7 this would indicate that your sales are down because your inventory is not what the market place wants to buy or a weak sales effort. If your Sales to Total Assets ratio looks good while your inventory turn is weak, you know your inventory is not what the market wants to buy and should be adjusted.

Or, if your sales are low comparatively and you are turning your inventory over 2.5 times a year and the other firms in your industry are turning their inventories 4.7 times it is clear that you are not stocking the products that your customer want to buy. This work is totally transparent so you can see how we arrived at our diagnosis and concur with our corrective strategies.

In addition to the customized analysis of your business, we include complete definitions of all terms used and how all factors are calculated along with the interpretive explanations of what it all means and how to correct any weak areas found.

We Will Guarantee Your Results. If we work with your firm for a year and you and you do as we instruct you to do and you don't increase your profits by an agreed upon percent, we will refund your fees to us for the entire year.

This is to say that if we agree upon a 10% increase in profits and your sales are currently $300,000 a year, your profits will increase by $30,000 or we will refund our entire fee for the year

We typically interface with our clients every quarter or four times a year to be sure that we are staying on course. Our fee for the year is always a small fraction of the profit savings you will realize.

In addition, we provide you with a FREE Business Productivity Study. Have you ever wondered how productive your employees are? Have you ever wondered how much their non-productivity is costing the business?

Most business owners have a vague idea as to their employee’s productivity but don't really have a good handle on this figure. Further, they don't know how this figure impacts the bottom line. If this sounds like you, contact us . This service is free with our Guaranteed Profit Development Service.

Our fees are always a small fraction of what some firms charge yet we provide tailored, factual, accurate and useful information to our clients. Our clients love our services and love our fees.

We have worked with business clients throughout the United States and beyond. Some clients have used our analysis to check the solvency of their financial institutions too. Whenever you need to know the financial health of a business and how to improve it, our analysis will do that for you.

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we guarantee to increase your business profits

Get the consultant you need, at prices you can afford, contact us to learn more.


we will guarantee your increased business profits


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