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Small Business Bookkeeping or Accounting that is accurate, cheap and easy to use. Free Productivity Study. Spend your time working & making money and not keeping the books.

Small Business Bookkeeping: We will keep your Business Books and do your Income Taxes every year for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house bookkeeper. An in-house accountant / bookkeeper will cost you about $2,000 to over $3,000 a month. Our fees start at a small fraction of this and we don't take any of your precious office space. Every month or week, depending on how we set it up, you email your financial data to us and we keep your books.

Every month we will provide you with year to date Income Statements or Profit & Loss Statements and a current Balance Sheet. These financial statements are crucial to running a profitable business and making timely corrections to keep the business on track to profits. These financial statements are also vital when seeking a loan or leasing equipment etc.

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we do the bookkeeping allowing you to make more money


Other Services Offered

We also offer a By-Owner business sales package that is a tailored to each specific business and helps them sell their business without a broker or paying the brokerage fee. We also offer a similar service for business buyers allowing them to use our expertise and our tools and buy a business without a business broker. If you sell your business and carry some or all of the buyers loan, we can sell this loan for you too. We will provide you cash for any seller carry-back financing you with to sell.

Another popular offering for small business owners is our business loans and business plans section. Here we package the owners business to present to business lenders and help them get the funding they need.


What You Get:

Every month, you will also receive an Analysis Of Your Business where we show you your company side by side with profitable firms from your industry and point our the differences and similarities to help you run a more profitable business.

In addition, our new clients will receive a FREE Productivity Study where the business owner will know at what level the employees are producing and what their non-production is costing the business. This is a real eye-opener for many business owners. Its amazing how a little increase in employee productivity can result in thousands of more dollars in profits.
1.We keep your business books & file your income tax returns Saving Maximum Dollars
2.We provide monthly Financial Statements (Income Statements & Balance Sheets)
3.Monthly Financial Analysis on your Business to Keep Your Business Profitable
4.We give you a FREE Productivity Study (Small Increases = Huge Profit Increases)

We have also found that many business owners, especially small business owners, need help with bookkeeping or accounting services so they can spend their time making money in their business and not on wrestling with the principles of accounting.

Going hand in hand with this service is our income tax tiling service which we provide to our clients, both individual and business, both federal and state, at a discount.

If your looking for business brokerage, business broker, buy a business, sell a business, Indiana business brokerage firm, you've come to the right place.

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small business bookkeeping at low rates

We have been serving Small Business Clients coast to coast since 1980

Get the consultant you need, at prices you can afford, contact us to learn more.

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