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Get your taxes Done Right, Done Fast & for about Half the Price of H & R Block or Jackson Hewitt.

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We have been serving Small Business Clients coast to coast since 1980

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What We Need:

What is needed to get started: (Bring all that apply)
1. Name, Address, county you live in, Phone Number, Social Security Number and birthday for you and your spouse
2. W-2 from Employer(s)
3. 1099 from Employer(s) if applicable
4. If Renting Your Home: Name, Address, Phone of your land lord
5. If you Own Your Home: Interest Statement from your lender & Real Estate Tax statement from your county
6. If you received interest &/or dividend income, bring those statements from your bank etc.
7. Tell us about major purchases (house, car, rental property, investment property etc.) or major sales (house, stocks, car, RV etc.)
8. Names, ages & Social Security Numbers of all dependants
9. Major life issues; divorce, marriage, adoption etc.
10. Any educational expenses
11. Other income or expenses - If you have questions or concerns about it, ask us.
12. If you have a Small Business, bring your business income statement or profit & loss statement

Contact us for a fee quote depending on how extensive your return will be. Fees may be paid by cash, check, money order or credit card from the Payments page of this website.
Whatever the size of your return, you will save about half the fee of our competition. Clients may personally deliver their documents or FAX them toll free, or scan them and email them to us. Since most work places have fax service the fax delivery method is quite popular with clients. Click Here to download a PDF of what we need to prepare your income tax return.

Call Us Toll Free: (866) 935-3100 or email us for more information.

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Click To Email Us About Income Tax Preparation

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Get the consultant you need, at prices you can afford, contact us to learn more.

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